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In this connected world, keeping in touch is getting easier and easier. Fiber optic strands circle the globe and prices of communication have plunged. Email, phone calls, and Instant Messaging now supplement, and often replace the personal visit even when you are doing business in the same city.

While we certainly welcome any of our prospective clients to visit our offices in person, we realize this is difficult for most of you to do. Therefore we offer the most convenient ways to reach us. Like email and telephone, and once you are actually working with us, Instant Messenger.

These days telephoning around the world is not the huge expense it used to be thanks to the miracle of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that's considerably lowered calling costs. INDAX uses Skype, a free VOIP client to stay in touch with clients.

If you are a Skype user (it's also a free service) our Skype name is "indax33". Please let us know your telephone number, your country and time zone and best time to call you.

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Indax Internet Services Pvt. Ltd
35 Sector A, AWHO Colony
Karkhana, Secunderabad
Andhra Pradesh, India - 500009

PHONE: (+91) 9246206807
(Mon-Fri 4:00am to 6:00pm UTC/GMT)

Google IM:

Skype: indax33 (Request chat)

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