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Traveling in India is an amazing experience.  India is diverse, colourful, and inspirational.  It is also confusing, chaotic, and frustrating.  India demands a response from the visitor.  It challenges you on a very personal level.  Many love it.  Some hate it.  Few are indifferent.  India will overload your senses, test your limits, or restructure your basic assumptions.  Its basic humanity will touch your soul.  Long after you leave you will be gently haunted by memories a place, a person, even a sound, or a smell

Health TipsCommon Hazards

Staying safe and healthy.  It's not too hard.  Health tips for the traveler.

Common Hazards.  All the things Mom has already warned you about.

Train TipsPlaces to Stay

Riding the rails in India's Great Railway Bazaar.  It's the best way to travel.

Where to stay when you get there.  How to use an India-style toilet


Travelling light.  What you'll need, and what you won't.

Some thoughts on those pesky visas (you'll need one) and other official stuff.

EnfieldMotor Cycle Touring

The Enfield motor cycle Where does the mystique come from.

Touring India by Motorcycle .  A reality check for those who'd like to do it.


Driving in India.  Its not as suicidal as it seems, but be very very careful.

India has an expansive and delightful cuisine.  What to eat and where to eat it.


Tactile dining.  Master the gracious art of eating with your fingers.

Cultural Perspectives How to enjoy your trip more and lose your cool less.

Using the LooGuide Books

The old squat toilet is not common as it used to be.  But here is what to do when you find one.

Every thing you need is NOT on the net.  It pays to have a paper companion.  As one better than others.


A brief guide to survival phrases.  Be misunderstood in several languages.

Dressing for the occasion.  What to wear to fit in.

INDAX would like, where possible, to ease the transition and reduce the frustration and confusion through information posted here.  We would appreciate feedback and assistance from travelers and residents.  Let us know where we succeed, where we fail, and how we could do more.  Please
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Health Tips
Common Hazards
Train Tips
Places to Stay
Travelling Needs
Motor Cycle Touring
Cultural Pointers
Using The Loo
Guide Books

Useful Links

Write up on more thana dozen game sanctuaries. Also "Nature Watch" features environmental and wildlife related stories.

"Off the Beaten Track" lists almost 50 places around India you may not think of going to.